About Katharine Trauger

Experience. Determination. Commendation.

Twenty-five years as an educator.
Fifteen years writing for women’s and educational magazines.

Katharine Trauger
loves to write
loves to talk
loves using her education and experience to help.

Formally taught in English and linguistics, from early childhood, Katharine displayed the vivid word artistry necessary for excellence in writing, constantly learning while winning poetry and other writing contests beginning in high school and continuing on as a young adult.

Mentally writing both fact and fiction during a nearly 25-year stint as an educator, she began putting pen to paper in the late 80’s, as a writer for various magazines, capturing adventures, experiences, and insights for her readers, portraying life as she found it.

Often staying up until two a.m. to research and write a series of four high-school literature texts, several self-help studies, and bi-monthly magazine articles, she also has served as a counselor, mentor, and workshop presenter in Arkansas and Mississippi, and serves currently in Arkansas as a state-wide education steering committee member for The Arkansas Education Alliance.

Of course, she still writes.

Manager, also, of several Web locations, she blogs at Home’s Cool! and at The Conquering Mom.

Katharine’s current projects include a compilation of magazine articles for two encouraging education books, a self-help on the most profitable response to suffering, and a creative non-fiction about a man whose timeline crossed hers for one night.